Let’s start this week with a blog!

Hey everyone!

I am going to start this… yeah you read the title!

Anyways; let’s be serious here…

Is it my age and posture that is causing many body issues, or is it ataxia?

Like for example: I have joint pain in my legs, knees and hips.  Could that be from my inactivity, or from the neurons in my brain.  Is it me?  Or is it ataxia?

I recently saw a Clinical Swallow specialist, and she came up with two possibilities: one Acid Reflux, or Ataxia.  I filled out a Reflux Symptoms Index and my tallied score was 31 out of 45.  She said I may have acid reflux… so I went to see my doctor, and she said my blood pressure is mildly high.  The Doctor ordered a bunch of tests.

Tut, again, is this mild hypertension due to my age or ataxia?

Yesterday I chaired a meeting that was long and draining.  I was watching the interpreters for over three hours.  My eyes did a few flutters near the end of the meeting.  Was it fatigue or ataxia?  Remember my eyes are often over-stressed… I took off my glasses.

I really am a puzzle!  Is it age and inactivity?  Or is it ataxia?  To see, this week I will be trying to do at least 30 minutes a day of physical exercise.  Let’s see..

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