Did I ever tell you about the time…

… when my son & I walked though a live telecast?

It happened about 5 years ago in Toronto. My boy and I were done at the Car Show, having walked around for ages, getting in to and out of new cars.

Previously I had gone with my boy to the car show, with intervenors, but I think this time it was just the two of us… and we had a good time!

I was using my white cane, and got around just fine, I did misplace my phone for a few minutes, but it was found!  Phew!

After we finished, I wanted to take a different way back to the subway, and because CBC was right across the street from the Toronto convention centre, I steered us there.  The doors were open, there is a museum there, maybe I could get the boy some historical insights as well as cars!  But the museum was closed, or maybe it was being renovated, I can’t recall… We walked through the atrium and saw some cameramen, sound guys and two people sitting behind a desk… there were no warnings or anything…

I walked under the sound arm, my boy walked ahead of me… the crew was looking at me like “Who let the blind guy in”?  No producer or anyone to hush me up, or rush me out… But the boy, realizing we were not supposed to be there, lead me out to safety!  Gosh!

A sign, or a guard, would have saved me from blindly walking to a show!  I didn’t even get to raid the snack table!

Have yourself a good week!


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