The curious case of the stumble

Okay, third attempt at this blog…

While my ataxia stays with me from dawn to dusk, 24/7, sometimes it becomes very low key. Other times it is harder to avoid than a large bovine in a dainty shop!

How it happens is beyond my understanding!

I was nearly perfect this week, especially on Thursday. I accomplished a lot that day, and felt no ataxic symptoms, falling, dropping things, missing key communication points etc. No headaches, no swallowing issues… I was feeling good!

I actually had thoughts of joining the Amazon team!

Then, Pow! Welcome back to Ataxia Town! Friday afternoon, Saturday… ugh! Dropped every other thing, near falls while bending over, headaches etc.

The curious thing is: what is the trigger? What turns the ataxia switch from low voltage to high?

I’ve reasoned with myself, I might be “off” and then “on” by way of a simple bump to my head! I notice that before, I’d be alright, then I’d knock my head on the fridge door, and next then you know I am dropping things or my headache returns, I cannot walk straight… etc.

Is that the reason?

Give me your thoughts!

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