The Only One

Hey everyone!

I’ll tell you a story and you can figure out the plot….

Recently, my family celebrated someone’s birthday. We went to the local Chinese restaurant for dinner. We arrived at 5, and had the place to ourselves.

While my wife was out buying flowers for the birthday person, my boys, mum & mom in law sat and chatted and ran around and did all that predinner jittery things.

I tried to engage the boys in chatter, but they we too unfocused. I also encouraged the Grandmas to go ahead and order as well always get the same things. But we waited for the wife to return, why? We could order while she’s out, and then the food will arrive at the right time. Needless to say, my suggestion was disregarded.

Next my wife did arrive and each boy gave the Birthday person a bouquet of flowers.

Alright, then they get down to the business of ordering food & drink.

At Chinese restaurants, I eat what is ordered. Yet, I did make a request so stop the Honey Garlic Chicken Wings, which I find overly sticky. And I requested deep fried prawns, which was approved by the seafood lovers at the table. All else I have no idea what the right name was, but there was a rice, a veg…. oh this has nothing to do with the “plot”…

My boys also ordered Shirley Temple drinks. Something fun.

And so, the wonton soup arrives and my wife pours it into soup bowls to pass around. We all consumed that dish quickly.

The eggrolls arrived, both boys passed theirs; they didn’t want the eggroll, so I had two and a half!

When the other food started to arrive, the chow mien etc… Suddenly, my younger son said something to everyone and rushed by, my wife followed close on his tail. My eyes followed this flow of activity, but my ears, being Deaf, didn’t pick up anything.

I envisioned that my wife told my boy to wash his hands and followed him to confirm that he actually did that.

With that notion in mind, I started to add food to my wife’s plate; doing the husband thing. But my Mum stopped me, and I said “I can do this, why can’t I give me wife some food?”

At that point, my wife returned to the table and explained to me that my boy ran to the bathroom because he threw up!

Apparently he said to everyone “I need to throw up!” or something like that. Everyone else at the table knew of this upcoming event but me! My wife dashed after the boy, she couldn’t stop to tell me. My boy obviously couldn’t tell me, I didn’t see him hold his mouth closed or anything like that. My mum didn’t have the sign language to convey this.

So I was left in the dark!

How can this type of situation be remedied? I am often told about things after they have occurred. I need to be able to know what is happening while things are happening!

It is my life to be tbe only one to not know what is happening until someone explains it to me! It is a tiring feature of my life!

Thanks for Reading!

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