Please don’t assume!

Okay, let us chat about Assuming!

Of course we all know that if you assume, you make an Ass out of U and Me! Right…

It follows the same line as Don’t Judge, which I’ve written about a few times now, most recently here.

To explain Assumption I will use a recent event.

I went to visit a friend who is Deaf Plus; meaninng she is Deaf plus other disabilities. Yes, this is a redundant, and easily understood, statement; but I did not want you to get the impression that she is plus sized!

Being two Deaf friends, we chatted in ASL. I was hungry and needed to sit down for a bit, my ataxia was causing the nerves in my legs to fire overmuch. So we went to The White Spot.

After sitting down at a table, we were given two menus. My friend apparently knew what was good for her and went ahead to order that, without looking at the menu.

Whereas I had a gander through the menu before deciding.

Using her device, she typed out what she wanted and showed that to the server, and added that I wanted a glass of water.

He then grabbed the menus and zoomed away. As if that was all.

My friend quickly pointed out to me that the server did not take my order; saying “He forgot about you!” I actually thought he was coming back. I did not tell my friend what I wanted.

So, 5 minutes were wasted trying to flag the breezy server down. When we finally caught him, my friend had typed on her device “You forgot his order!”

Naturally the fellow was embarrassed, he typed out “I am sorry, I thought the order was for both of you!”

Assumption number one!

Perhaps he assumed we were sharing, or assumed that we wanted the same thing.

He ran to get menus and I told him what I wanted. Trying to salvage a tip he rushed the order and food arrived together, and quickly.

My lunch came with a dessert included. He came back with a spare plate, and two forks!

Assumption number two!

Was my friend planning to share her single piece of fish and fries? Was I planning to share my dessert?

No and no! Why would we share our food, we are friends, heck, not even spouses share food, maybe a dessert sure, but not the main course!

The server got zero tip, he made an Ass out of himself!

(BTW, I have eaten 15 pieces of fish and maybe three plates of chips at one sitting; All-you-can-eat is amazing, especially at C-Lovers Fish & Chips!)

This happened two weeks ago at the White Spot at Park Royal. Yes, I am tweeting them the blog.

Thank you and have a good day!

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