Dropping things

… my common frustration is dropping things…

And then trying to pick them up… which inavertably allows me to explore the wonderful experience of gravity pull.

You see, my ataxia, my balance, is really wonky! So, when I drop something, the equilibrium is unbalanced and I continue to go in the direct that I am going; which is down!

I might grab the table or something on my way down, trying to stablize myself: sometimes this works, sometimes not.

As the Borg like to say: Resistance is futile, and in my case Resistance refers to the gravity pull!

I am probably getting a reacher gizmo… but will see, I might need two!

I’ve trained myself to laugh whenever I fall, and now I need to laugh whenever this happens! Positive!

On sidebar, I’ve been blogging for a year now, my neck has given me great pain because I need to bend it to see the screen. Even with Zoomtext on my laptop I still strain my neck! Which results in headaches, and vision issues.

I found that the tablet stand we got for recent Christmas is a great tool! I have set it up so that it is holding my new tablet, at eye level, 8 inches from my nose, while my bluetooth keyboard is underneath. My back is straight! I am finally comfortable doing blogs!

I will need a bigger bag to carry all this around!

You all be good!

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