Services should be client directed

And not the other way; which would be directed by, well, the buck, the dollar.

There is a huge amount of research and scholarly work about Person-Centered therapy. This means that the Person needing help, who sought out counseling or therapy, deals with their issues, talks about them and gains ideas or self-discovery by, well, themselves. The counselor merely guides them, refocuses their dialogue if it goes to far off topic.

Now, in terms of Client-Directed Services, or Care as it is sometimes called, the client, consumer, patient, person, tall person in tiny wheelchair, pensioner (I did type prisoner first, same thing right?) etc etc, decide and take responsibility for their Services.

That would be super cool if all of consumers with various disabilities, from Deaf-Blind to ataxia to multiple sclerosis to quadriplegic to Down syndrome, were responsible to control their needs and services.

But, this blog is about a friend who has been getting services for years; they were involved in all aspects from the start. They helped with planning activities, hiring & firing of staff, budgeting, and so forth.

Was this actually a part of the contract with the agency, was my friend being included to boost her self-esteem or the agency’s image?

I understand it is about the agency, because it suddenly decided to change its policies and not allow the consumer, my friend, to be involved with any planning.

I still believe that it best for the consumer to participate in planning their lives as much as possible!

Thank you for listening!

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