Hey! Don’t touch my…

Bank card!

For the strangest reason, some people assume, or not, that a person who is Blind is also unable to either Tap or Insert card into card reader. So they, the cashier or server, would grab the bank card and insert or tap the card.

Examples: I went to one lunch counter, ordered lunch, but was having issues paying by Debit card, so the server grabbed my card, and tried to tap it herself.

Other example: I was a CNIB store to get a new ball-ttip for my white cane, the last one broken right in two! After getting new ball, I went to the debit machine that was visible on top of the desk. However, the staff person grabbed my card and tapped it on another debit machine that I did not see. I did not give her premission to do this.

There are other situations where people are being over-helpful in this regard. I cannot think of any right now!

I am pretty sure that in both examples above, the person was talking to me: “Can I help with that?” or “You can tap it here.”. But because I am Deaf-Blind I cannot hear them. But, it is funny, the staff person at the CNIB knows I am Deaf-Blind, she can fingerspell, but her patience is non-existant!

What do you do about this? Any suggestions? Other than holding fast to your card, or shouting profanties…?

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