Art for the Blind…

Hey faithful readers!

19 years ago, I was in Paris!  It was my reward for almost ten years of college & university!  I was also in London, Berlin, Prague, North Italy & Rome!

I said this before; I should do blogs for all of the fun (and non-fun) things that happenlouvreed to me while on this 8 week trip of a lifetime!

And I shall!

But first; while in Paris, my future wife and I spent the day at the Louvre!

We walked for hours, looking at many paintings; humongous, big, normal size, small, wallet sized!  Oh we also saw, from a great distance, the Mona Lisa… yawn… big whoop!  With thousands of people vying for a glimpse of this famed art, and the cabinet it was housed in, it was just a blob of colour… Why is this image so popular?  Its just a painting!


We also walked among the many statues found all over the Louvre.  These statues are of all different kinds and made out of many different materials!  Some marble, concrete… You know… there were no barriers around many of them, and no signs saying not to touch the statues.

Hey, I just thought of some funny signs they should have posted:

  • “Please do not fondle the statues…”
  • “Keep your dirty hands off my bust!”
  • “You can look, but do not touch!”

Remember I said “should”?  Because my future wife and I did not see any.

And so, I did!  I fondled a few statues!  I had my dirty hands on a bust or two …

Until… Security hurriedly approached me and told me to “Arret!”  Then he explained to my future wife, who interpreted to me: “…that touching the statues is strictly forbidden because of the … oh you are blind, oui?  oh please continue, go ahead!”  Or something like that!

What transpired: The security officer rushed to stop me from de-oxidizing these old statues, but upon seeing my white cane, relented and allowed me to continue fondling unperturbed!

I am sure there are more signs and more barriers now!  And gloves for blind persons wishing to touch a few busts!

I wanted to share about that experience in Paris, and another in Rome, because I saw an article in Detroit News about Making Art into 3D images for blind individuals!

Thank you for stopping by!

Enjoy your day!



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