The week in CAPOS history

Oh hi there!

Actually that title is misleading because it is not historical, but this week!  And let me tell you, it was a crazy week!

Now, the stuff in this blog is romanticized to be less pointy, and more explanatory.

If you are a parent, do you like to discipline your child from unruly and defiant behaviours?  I doubt it very much that someone would get a thrill yelling at their daughter to stop throwing rocks at the boy next door.  I am also confident that any parent would be overly upset, not happy, when they found their son digging holes in public property.  And, yes, there is the ever-present sibling fighting that happens daily, and parents must referee the combatants.

These examples are culled from my observations…

How would you discipline the girl above?  I am sure you would either: yell at her to stop, pulling her inside, using force to remove the rocks, verbally, loudly, telling her to stop, or countless other methods to stop the immediate release of rock-missles.

And the boy?  If you saw the transgression (him digging) you’d probably yell at him to stop, huff & puff, grab the shovel, maybe break the handle over your knee if you were that strong and so inclined.  You’d probably force him to refill the holes and to clean up the mess.

And the siblings?  Oh I’ll let you work that one…

But, but!  What if you, the parent was Deaf-Blind?  You could still, as I do, instill a strong voice or severe discipline, if you were present when the girl was hurling rocks or the boy was digging… If you missed, due to vision loss, seeing the girl hurl a stone, or see the boy from a distance digging a hole, then need to be more aware!  If a stone hit the boy next door, and you didn’t hear him cry out, then you missed an opportunity to discipline the girl.  The same goes with hearing the boy “thwaching” the ground with the shovel.

Opportunity knocks, but if you don’t answer, it will go to the next person!

Earlier this week, my wife implored me to be vigilant with my children, specifically my youngest son, because he has been diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD).  And I failed, because he got out of my sight and started digging holes!  By the time I found out, the holes were covered up and I could not instill my authority.

By the way, this is not the full week, but it is now history!  Everyone and everything in life is taught by LEARNING!  We learn to improve ourselves!

Now, tomorrow I am turning to more sunnier topics, My week at Canadian Deaf-Blind Camp!





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