It was bound to happen!

Hey, technology is jumping in leaps and bounds!

Pretty soon the tower computer will be considered archaic, the dial-up modem a oddity, and the folding map something found in grandpa’s GMC rust-covered truck!  Probably last used, I mean fully unfolded, read, plotted, and refolded wrongly, way back when phones were connected by spiral cords!

And when the only games you played on your phone was prank calling; Oh those were the days!

Now we play games on phones, read books, listen to music, take pictures, order lunch, pay bills, etc etc… And, then comes along a blind man who creates an app for blind users that will connect a white cane by blue tooth to phone, which will use Google Maps along with a voice app, and help the blind person navigate from A to B to C… all with the use of technology!

I’d try this, only if I weren’t DeafBlind.

But, this is an improvable idea, and could benefit those who are DeafBlind in the future, I am sure!

Why the way: here is the article!

Good day!

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