There is so much

Hey folks!

There is so much to talk about!

I don’t know where to start!

For example:

I’ve just found two people with CAPOS, one in my area, the other being somewhere in America.  They are both, apparently, old enough to vote.

I’ve also found a group of people who are have children who have CAPOS or CAOS…. which is a splice of CAPOS… Who can tell me what the P stands for?  Should be highly easy, understandably!  Three clues should lead you to put the right foot forward!


I’ve been neglecting my blogging so much, and my three or four stories, I have decided to focus on these on every Tuesday and Thursday.  And, when I’ve cooled down my volunteer advocacy work, I’d be doing more blogs every day!  And stories!

That is it for now…

NO!  Look for my next blog in a few minutes!



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