Hey folks!

I love the modern technology of mobile phones, they allow me to be in connection to many people, friends, family and the world. Even while I am out of the house.

We all know what I am talking about!

Previously I had a blackberry with a qwerty physical keyboard. I could type very quickly, adeptly, blindly, almost anywhere! I loved it…

Then it died!

I got a new phone, and android, with a on-screen keyboard. I would make so many mistakes, as my right thumb couldn’t find the key, or would hit the wrong key… My left hand would be holding the device.

I have tried using a stylus pen, but that is more awkward and frustrating! I have been known to throw these crappy things across the room, follwed closely behind by explementives because they continously made the wame errors, not working, or simply moving the wrong candy on Candy Crush!

Obviously I cannot yank my right thumb out of its socket and chuck it across the room, while screaming curse words at it that would make my French Canadian Mother in Law cringe! The thought has passed my mind a few times!

When I am usinng that thumb to text and it is not functioning, and I am beyond frustration, I will drop the phone. I will take a break!

I have a wireless keyboard that is an amazing help, I’ve done two blogs, an email, and textinng my wife, all within the past hour, all on the wireless keyboard!

I would love to get a blackberry back, but it might be a while. I’m stuck, in a happy way, with this samsung android!

Thank you for listening to a man with ataxia blabber!


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