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Hey folks!

I want to use this blog, today, to elaborate about myself, and my ataxia.

Some days, I am fine and can go throughout the entire day without a jerk, loss of balance or dropped thing. Then, the next day, I nearly fall over several times within 5 minutes, drop almost every thing that I pick up, and bang my head into every surface imaginable!

Those days of Non-Ataxia and Over-Ataxia are getting rarely… And some days Ihave no idea how to cope!

I feel lost!

And then, there is the describing or pinpointing the ataxia actions, reactions.

Should I create a lexicon of terms?

Pseudo-fall would me, a false fall, or near fall.

Roundhouse fall would mean a fall due to going back and forth too quickly.


Is there a list?

Remember, ataxia is not just body coordination; it also implies to mental abilities, eye gaze and breathing!

I am not using the term Brain Fart in any way or form in connection to ataxia!

What are your thoughts?


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