My son!

My gosh, I started this in summer of last year, and never did get around to completing it!

Was I distracted by lunch?  I know I am now!

Be Right Back!

I am back, stuffed to the gills with my Wife’s amazing homemade Chili!

Hey folks!

Recently my son has come to the realization that he and I are cut from the same cloth, not just figuratively, but also genetically.

He knows that he is going to become like me.  He has accepted it, or he also has not….

He has mentioned, to my wife, that he doesn’t want to grow up, because he doesn’t want to face the issues that I face…


What I said in Summer of 2018: How can I help my boy?

What I say now: How will I help my boy?

When he is with me, without Mom, he does sign a great deal.  That warms my heart!  But it is hard to get him to express himself further.  That I said in the Summer of 2018, and I want to clarify; His replies were rote, one or two signs, not much more, always about the same thing.

Below is a typical conversation;

“What’s wrong?” I would ask him, when I know something is the matter.

“I don’t know.” or “Nothing.” … and he would return to whatever he was doing.

Now, March 2019, he will offer more information, and more vocabulary.  But not enough to satisfy.

In Summer of 2018, I wrote the following:

“What do you want to do?”  I would sign to him.  And, yes, I am fully aware that question is a very open question with no specific goal.  I bet you know his reply.

“I don’t know.”

Now, I am more specific on the questions and he is more vocal in his responses.  Oh that is so wrong!  Vocal means speaking, and with Mom, or one of the Grandma’s, he is talkative, loquacious even.  Yet with ASL, a visual language, his responses, and those of his brother, are more visual!  They are both doing much better than they once were!

Gotta go get one of my kids!



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