Sweeping the floor

Hey all!

I have a serious question:

How do blind, partially sighted or low vision individuals sweep the floor?

It drives me batty to sweep the floor, only to step on something that was missed!

In an ataxic moment, I accidentally dumped a box of cereal onto the floor; most of it stayed in the box, but Rice Krispies has a tendency to wander in random directions after being freed from its tight confines.  Sort of like children scattering when the school bell rings (or flashes) at 3 PM!

After I dumped the cereal, I cursed silently, grabbed the broom and swept the escapees into a central area, used the dustpan to corral and then dispose the felonies!

I then moved my foot twice and both times squished a couple of radical Rice Krispies! So I re-swept, and then dumped those few into the food compose.


“Crunch Crunch Crunch”

Damn it!  I missed a whole bunch!

I deigned to get down (that seems to be a redundant statement!) on my hands and knees to sweep with my hands the last of these silly bits of cereal!

This is an issue with me; missing things sweeping the floor.  And it is an issue because: even a bit of cereal on the floor can cause my balance to falter and then I’d be on the floor anyways. This is not an everyday thing; I do step on a lot of weird things throughout the day, but am able to quickly re-balance.  I’m cautious of things like this to avert unnecessary trips to the ER!

I need to learn how others with vision loss sweep the floor… Do you:

  • sweep in everything into a corner?
  • sweep in straight lines to a wall?
  • use a whisk, while on your hands & knees?
  • use a mini-vacuum?
  • wait for your dog to eat the yummy stuff?
  • wait for your spouse to sweep the mess?
  • don’t do anything and continue to step on everything until it becomes a fine powder?

Thanks for your insight!



One thought on “Sweeping the floor

  1. this is a really good question, and one I had not thought of before. i do have a dog and if it is something she finds tasty she will start eating. i do sweep from one side of the room to another and then into a pile at the end of the room and put into a dust pan. I use to get on my hands and knees to clean it up but with more physical issues, I have stopped doing that. rice krispies are like pine needles, you can just never get them all the first or even second time around! 🙂


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