Blind moment #128

Hey folks…

Sorry for the delay! I promised more daily blogging, only to be doing it sporadically!

Gotta get in a groove!


Blind moment #128…

Last week, I was sitting at my dining room table, wasting time on some arcane game or reading some useless information on Facebook.  While I was doing that, my foot kept hitting, or stepping on some paper of some sort.  At first, I paid it no attention.  Then I finally became disillusioned, and disinterested at the uninspiring and colossal waste of time that I was partaking in and looked under the table.  I was astonished to find a card holder with three cards secured tightly inside!

Upon prying those cards out, I was surprised to discover a bank card, a credit card and a health card!

I jammed the cards back in the new anti-scan card holder and immediately informed my wife that I found her bank cards under the table.  She replied with a Thank you…

I continued my day in the usual manner, until around 3:30, when my wife urgently texted me:

Are those my mom’s cards you found under the table?  Check please!

I got my magnification device and got the cards, but I didn’t even use Shannon (that’s what I call the device) because I saw the picture on the health card.  It was a mug shot of  my Mom In Law!

I didn’t see the picture the first time, mainly because my thumb was covering it!

So, that is the Blind Moment!

Yet, I did learn!

Next time Mom In Law drops her cards unaware, and I find them, look at the picture!  Then go out to lunch!

Have a great day!

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