The Fight for Fruit in Praha

Hey friends!

This should be a quick blog!

In the summer of 2000, I was in Praha (Prague) and other major cities!

What a fun trip! I did write my exploits, but sadly have lost the computer file. It was way before Google Docs!

Anyways, The Fight for Ftuit in Praha happened during my second to last day in Praha.

I loved exploring this city, I was mostly in the Old Town, wandering around aimlessly was interesting! On this day, I wanted to sit on the bank of the Vltava River under or close to the Karlův Most, or the Charles Bridge. This bridge I had walked across often during my ten days stay, and it was one of my highlights!

I wanted to sit, relax and soak up the view, before I left the next day for Trento.

Before I arrived at the river, I saw a farmer’s market. Oh boy, let me grab something to eat!

I browse the stalls and see a booth selling blueberries and raspberries and other fruit.

I, being Deaf-Blind, looked for a price but did not see anything but a pile of paper bags. I think the lunch size paper bag can be found in every corner of the globe!

Seeing the paper bag, I assume that I should take some berries and put them in the bag.

I was not skilled at Farmer’s Market etiquette.

Instead of taking the carton of blueberries, which is the right thing to do, I grabbed a large handful of blueberries and dropped them in the bag!

I did the same thing with the raspberries.

And was going to add some other ftuit to my bag when I noticed someone trying to stop me!

I was under the impression that she was yelling at me!

I remember taking the raspberry container and dumping it into the paper bag!

I then went to pay and the lady who yelled at me had a nice smile and was understanding.

She probably had tourists doing that every other day! But because I was Deaf-Blind, she could not explain how to purchase fruit correctly!

Ah well!

I paid, walked to the shore of the river and had a relaxing afternoon!

What should I have done differently?

Let me hear from you!

Thank you for reading!

Have a great day!

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