Kids say the funniest things!

Hey everyone,

This *will* be a short blog! Promise!

In the days leading up to Christmas 2017, I took my boys to The House of Grandmother (two Mother live there)!

My wife was occupied and could not make it.

Having had a lovely dinner made by my mum, we were all chilling.

The boys were watching some TV while I was on my phone, while “chatting” with my mum by way of writing back and forth.

Mum & I are quite adept at this form of dialogue, while I was writing, she was chatting wiith my boys.

My Mum and my youngest son had this discourse:

Mum: … I have a gift for Daddy…

Son: What is it?

Mum: You need to wait until Christmas morning.

Son: Aw, can’t you tell me?

Mum: Nope.

Son: But Daddy is Deaf! He can’t hear! You can tell me!

At that pointmy Mum laughed hard and wrote it down for me to laugh at!

I don’t think she told him, anyways!

Sidebar, I’ve often been at the table with my wife and others, all hearing who are chatting away about anything. I ask: “Are you chatting about me? Its my birthday soon?” or “Are you chatting about the weird thing you have planned for our anniversary?” They always reply with “Your birthday is in May! Its now January!” and “Nothing weird is happening on your anniversary!

Have a great day!

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