Hey folks:

I am just a cog on the wheel of life, as it is, and yet, my life is astounding!

I have CAPOS, you know it!  Yet, as I’ve mentioned a few times, I feel alone because I do not have another other person with CAPOS.  I’ve found, and chatted with, three or four people, but not much!  I found one person who has CAPOS who is at the same age as me, thereabouts.  I hope someday to meet him!

This blog deals with research, and the fact that I am not being used as a guinea pig!

I am beside myself with anticipation!

I could be the poster child for CAPOS!  Oh sure!  I’m sure there are many better, younger, cuter CAPOS individuals who could be more picturesque than this old mug.  But, I’ve been around the block, and want to know why, how, what, etc…

When I see my neurologist in July, I am going to push for them to use me for research.

You know, something just occurred to me: Because there is less than 40 people with CAPOS worldwide, maybe researchers don’t know WHAT to research.  Plus, the very fact that each person with CAPOS has different degrees of loss, it is complex!

Hey, I found out that there is even a CAOS!  CAPOS without Pes Cavus!  How crazy is that!

So, reiterating, I will push my neurologist to use me as a Guinea Pig!  I’d do it for free!

Let’s get the to bottom of this mystery!

Thanks for listening!

One thought on “Research

  1. These posts do not go unheard Craig.
    Told u I’ll be following 🙂
    Being a father to a CAOS child, I feel a bit less alone by reading these. I hope you feel the same knowing we’re reading…


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