Transit woes

Hey all!

So this is a quick shout out to Translink, Vancouver’s transit authority!

Just because I Deaf-Blind, doesn’t mean I have limited intelligence.

Let me elaborate:

Today, it was a typical Vancouver autumn day, rainy and very dreary. I am at Lougheed station waiting for the next train to Metrotown.

While waiting for that train to arrive, four maintainance workers walk by. One notices my white cane and stands gaurd. I spy him inbetween moves on Candy Crush level 1724. I am also watching for the arrival of my train.

After about three minutes, I finally look at the “gaurd”, so is obviously blah-blahing away. I sign I’m Deaf, not once, but four times! He continues to blah-blah… I return focus to 1724.

A minute later, the “gaurd” taps me on arm, and gestures “me go” with a childish “toodle do” sort of wave… Like come on!

Oh, there is a bit more, because the “gaurd” informed a transit cop, and that cop positioned berself to the right on me.. But made no attempt to help when the trainn arrived!

Yes, I am cognizant (aware) that, platforms can be more slippery during rainy seasons.

Still: give me a professional wave, one you’d give your mom, your boss, your third cousin. Not wave like its your grandchild, a neighbor’s four-year old…

I want to clarify, it is not the “gaurd” or caution that I am ranting about, but the wave!

Thank you for listening!

BTw, I have closed my Gofundme account… Still, if you read this, Share, Like and Follow. That way I get paid, eventually, somewhere in the future, 2024 at least.


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