Ferry sunset pictures!

Hey everyone!

I was in Victoria, BC, on September 22 for ASL/LSQ Recognition.   I was a guest speaker… more on that in another blog…

On the way back to Vancouver, I took these pictures… pretty stunning for a Deaf-Blind Guy eh?


The top picture shows a lot of dark clouds and dark sea/mountains.  Through the dark clouds explosions of bright sun dazzling the beholder.  You can, if you actually can, see many shades of yellow, orange and red.    The sea is still dark, but it does reflect the light show.

The top picture was taken off the starboard side of the ferry, about 15 minutes after the one below.

This picture was taken as the ferry was leaving the harbor and heading to open sea.  You can see the ferry wake.  There is many bright colours, reds, yellows, oranges, pinks, which are also reflected on the water, and especially the trail left by the ferry!  You can see, if you can that is, the buoyant that is buoying about.  I took this picture at the back of the ship!

Enjoy your day!

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