What can I see?

I  can see fairly good, yet I am a serious “blind spot” that can be almost anywhere!

Take for example:

Last week: I was at Walmart with a full cart of stuff, Thanksgiving was happening on Sunday, I had already paid for everything and was inside the store.  There was a bag eggs balanced on the top in the kids seat.  This bag was full of eggs, three cartons with 18 eggs each.  I was waiting for a text from my wife, when I re-positioned the eggs.  No big deal.  My wife finally texts me, informing me to go outside and wait for her and the taxi.  Okay… So, I push the cart out side and to the curb.  My Mum was with me, and gestured to me: “Look!”  I looked back and there on the ground right outside the door, was a carton of eggs!  I totally did not see, nor for that matter, hear (even through I could not hear a fire alarm) the eggs jump to their untimely death!   I attribute this to my focus being, not on the cart, but on getting outside.  Which means my depth perception and peripheral vision are basically no good!

Another example: recent Monday I went out to see meet my wife when she arrived home.  Her friend drives her home everyday.  My wife is standing right outside the open passenger door, and I’m standing on the other side.  I want to say “Hello!” to the driver, but instead I say “Shit!” as I  bang my head on the door frame!  Which I should know is there, but I did not see it!  For the rest of the evening I was in a daze, and was very unbalanced!

Oh yeah!

Depth perception and peripheral vision are out of commission!

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