Going incognito

Hey folks!

Yesterday was a fun day!

Usually whenever I go out into the community, I always have some form of identity; something screams “This man is Blind!” or “This man has a mobility issue!”.

Yesterday, however I went incognito, because I wanted to have both hands available to help my mom and aunt get from home, onto a bus, then onto the Skytrain.  They had two suitcases and a walker filled with travel necessaries.  They are going on a cruise!

Anyhow, we got to our goal (Skytrain) without any problems, and Mum & her sister got on the Skytrain and zoomed all the way to the airport!  That was part of the adventure!

So, after that, I was hungry and wanted to get something to eat, but opted to eat at home.

I first needed to use the bathroom.  I head to a mall and zip upstairs, zip in & out of the bathroom and then try a different way to get downstairs.  Through the parking lot!

I find one door, but see a “Emergency Exit” so avoid that door.  I walk a bit and find another door, which has glass on the door, like the one into the parking lot.  So I head to that and zoom through, only to be greeted by a quiet “rrrah rrrah rrrah” or something like that.  Oh great, the door was alarmed!  Had I been hearing, it would have probably been “RRRRRAAAHHHH” instead a minor whimper.

I don’t bother to stop, just keep going!  I’m in the back hall.  You know, “Employees only” areas!  Where employees can goof off and be their true customer-hating selves!  Big grin!

I find a way out of this area, and then exit the mall.  I did not make any “mad dash” to freedom because I had done nothing wrong.

It is obvious that the alarm was not a true emergency alarm, but more like a warning for employees who wanted to play hooky!

I was such a rebel without my white cane!

Have a good day!


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