The Jello Incident

Hello folks!

Yesterday, I made Jello.  Such an easy task yes?  You’ve Image result for jello logo black and whiteall made it!  Simplicity!  Dissolve jello powder into boiling water, pour into containers, chill for 3 hours, enjoy!  This could be the simplest thing to make.  I made two different kinds: Raspberry and Cherry!  Really cool!

However, I want to showcase the situation and how my CAPOS came into play, and wrecked havoc on such a simple creation!.

As mentioned, I made two different kinds… I had to use my CCTV to read the small print.

I boiled water and measured it out, beforehand, I used the CCTV to read the measuring cup, so I knew how much was needed.  Image result for epicure silicone single cake containers

After mixing with a hand mixer, very quickly, I poured the first concoction into four flexible silicone single servicing stand-up containers, like the one in the upper corner of this picture.

If you’ve used these things before, you know how flexible they can be.

I added the second concoction on top of the first, hoping to they would not mix, but stay separate.

Everything done!  Now I just needed to put them in the fridge to chill… After clearing a spot on the top shelf of my fridge, I put two of four containers in, one at a time, using my right hand.  This was awkward because had to pick it up, then crouch and swing my hand inside the fridge.  I figured it would be easier using my left hand to do this.  Then, I would not need to crouch so much.

So, the next container was a bit full, I ignored that fullness, and the slop that hit the floor.  A bit of a foreshadow come to think of it.

Using only my left hand only, I put the full container in the fridge, and it bumped against something.  ( had cleared a route to the back of the fridge, there was nothing in the way, so I think my arm hit the fridge and that jostled the container, for it spilled some more!

Naturally, I was cussing some choice words that I will not repeat here.  I quickly stood the container up, rushed to get a towel, and mop up the spill, hoping to salvage at least some of it.

Yet my vision comes into play again!  I failed to judge the distance of between the container and the towel.  Because I hit damn silicone container and dumped the whole thing!

Oh, the cussing got louder and more intense!  I was mad!

Suffice to say, I was able to salvage three containers of Jello and a bloody red towel!

After this escapade, I walked up to get my child at school.  I thought about this situation and was trying to determine what parts of CAPOS were involved, or was it just dumbass?

I came up with these results: Vision came into play and did not succeed, i was unable to read the information and did not judge distances.  Balance & coordination were also non-evident; bumping the fridge and knocking down the container.   Grip was, obviously, on hiatus, as was my rationalization for using my left hand, which is usually more prone to lack of coordination, I am right handed!

This all boils down to, I discovered on my walk to get my boy, that I am simply unemployable.   I would walk into things, drop things, and be a high risk factor.

No company, no matter how disability supportive, would hire me.  I would not last a day!

This is why I end all my blogs with “Support.”  Writing blogs is my way to express myself, and in tern, raise a few bucks!  If you read this, and like it, please consider supporting me!

Thank you!

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