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Hey everyone!

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The kids are back in school!  My wife is back at work!  Life returns to normal!  Life returns to normal!

I;d like to tell you about my day yesterday, well, not my day specifically, but my dog’s day.

Jar Jar is a Maltese dog, and he, being small, likes to boss around bigger dogs.  That is his nature!

We do keep him under control, and we do walk him.  Yet, he does escape the house a few times to Meet & Greet with other dogs, which is to say he barks at other dogs and tries to, you know, show dominance.

Now, yesterday he got out my front door twice.  I have a screen door that closes, with no automatic lock.  I need to physically put the bar in the hole to “lock” the screen door.

Apparently I forgot to do that yesterday, twice.  I was not running on all cylinders and made a few mistakes!  It happens to the best of us now & then!  Just look at Justin Trudeau. Nike, the Guy that parked in my friends’ private parking spot even through my friend is DeafBlind without a car, The Greyhound bus driver from Seattle, Halle Berry as Catwoman, Roseanne Barr, Stubhub, Paul McCartney’s reality show… oh sorry, got carried away…

I admit I did forget to put the lock on the screen door, yes I do.  Twice.

My neighbor’s son grabbed my dog and brought him back to my house.  We live in a townhouse co-op, so everyone is close by.  My Mom is one of the three original members still living in their units!

Now, I am just spreading the news, I am Deaf-Blind with Ataxia.  Apparently, there are still some members who do not know this.  Which I am happy to point out!

What gets to me is when people do not take the time to tell me things, but instead, approach my wife or send an email to her.  That annoys me!  I am home all day!  Please take the time to find me, to let me know!  Do not wait until my wife comes home to let her know.  I am very approachable, and my door is always open!

Yesterday Jar Jar got out twice, and the neighor’s son returned him twice.  I was unaware that he had opened my front door, called out “Hello” or rang the doorbell, then tossed Jar Jar inside.  My kids were both home yesterday (school doesn’t really start until today), they both did not know the mutt got out, nor did they hear knocking, doorbell or the mutt’s return.  Alas, they were too engrossed in their last day of technology freedom.

My wife pointed out that the young man, I think he’s in college, was unaware that I am Deaf-Blind.  She said to go and tell him that!  I’ll do that soon!

Until my wife informed me, I had no idea the Jar Jar was on the lam, not once but twice!

The moral of this blog is:

  • Make sure that I lock the screen door, and
  • Inform people I am Deaf-Blind, and
  • Kindly take a moment to find the owner of the escapee to alert him that his dog escaped.  Please do not, nonchalantly, toss the escaped mutt inside and walk away.  The time it takes to find owner of the escapee, would then prevent the escapee from going on the lam twice… Because then the owner would know about the escapee escaping, and would have engaged the lock!
  • Try to use Escape as many times as possible!

Thank you for listening!

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