Yup, you guessed it… both my kids were hurt today.

I was roughhousing with the older boy and I guess I either stepped on his foot or the foot connected to a table.

Say sorry I did.

The younger boy was out riding his bike and came home with a bloody toes (he was wearing flip-flops, and a bloody knee.  Off to the ER for professional toe-cleaning my wife and boy go.

Which brings me to the point of this blog:

Both boys were crying, the older did less than the younger, and both had “pain” written boldly across their face.

It took me a minute to notice the older boy in duress.  And I totally missed the younger boy, he ran by the kitchen dripping blood.  But, after the initial miss, I caught on straight away, and helped as best as any parent would!

Thankfully, our ER is right across the street!

Being more alert is always helpful!

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