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Music was a big part of my youth.  I had a huge album collection, cassette tapes were convenient.  And I was pretty good at making myImage result for walkman own compilations.  It was a groovy time!

I had a Walkman, very similar to the one in the picture below.  I would crank the volume up full blast!  I even would sing alone, badly, with whomever was rocking in my ears!  If no one was looking, I’d do the air guitar, drum solo, mimicry thing!  For me, that was highlight of that era!

However, my hearing took a nosedive during the late 1990s, new music never caught on.  Even with the invention of the CD, I never could hear music like I did in my youth.

During the 2000s, I stopped buying and even listening to music.  I couldn’t distinguish music from a jet plane.  Only if I was actually standing in front of a huge set of speakers could I hear it.

But!  While the music itself has disappeared, my musical memory, mainly of lyrics, is still strong.  I can recall the hearty wail of Bon Scott on “Whole Lotta Rosie” (AC/DC), Freeddy Mercury belting out “…Mama, life has just begun…” on the inimitable “Bohemian Rhapsody” (Queen), and Tina Turner’s lovely voice singing “I’m your private dancer, a dancer for money…”!

Lyrics come to me at anytime, for any reason, and can stay with me for a matter of minutes, or a couple of days!  I had Joan Jett screaming in my head about some dude standing by the record machine for 10 days at least!  Painful!

Some lyrics seems to fit my world really good… Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney for the Jame Bond movie of the same name…

Image result for live and let die 007 album art

But if this ever-changin’ world / In which we live in
Makes you give in and cry / Say live and let die

With my CAPOS deteriorating, my world is always changing, and not always for the better.  I do get frustrated.  And, I do freely admit, I have cried!

I can’t recall exactly what made me cry, I must have either fallen down several times within a short time, or dropped something repeatedly.  Maybe my wife can remember!

I cried because something hit me, figuratively, about changes in my life.  And, my Sadness emotion overcame my Joy emotion!   It doesn’t happen too often, but it does!

And, it not only happens to me, my son who also has CAPOS, had a cry about his changing world recently!   I’ll blog about this in the week to come.

However, I do not say “Live and let die”!  According to Urban Dictionary it means I’m going to what I want and everyone else can get screwed.  This I cannot do, I am an altruistic person who will try to help or support others to the best of my ability!

In upcoming blogs I will examine other classic rock lyrics that can be used to describe my life, right now, I need to play with my boy who is at home sick!

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