Like Father, like Son

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As you know, my oldest son has CAPOS, just like myself.  His vision and hearing are good right now, yet his coordination is ataxic.

I feel that my life growing up is mirroring a lot of what he is going through now.

My family moved from Port Coquitlam (often shortened to Poco) to Maple Ridge in 1980.  I was 12.  I spent a year and half at at an elementary school before moving to junior high school, then I moved on to high school for grades 11 & 12.

In PoCo, I had many friends and was well liked, even if I occasionally had a bowel movement in class.  I also had a lot of friends in the area.  Once we moved, my friend circle collapsed somewhat, at the elementary school, I had a few friends, junior high, fewer, and high school I had none.  In the community, I did not have any.  Our family friends’ kids basically were my friends.  We never were fond of each other.

Wait, in Junior high, they added three hard of hearing kids, and I joined them.  This group had two Hard of Hearing Support Staff teachers, who would stay with the four of us until we graduated.  I never got on good with the other three.  This program did add a few other hard of hearing kids that were found.  One kid came from way far away, and we bonded really good, he was more blind with a minor hearing loss.  But he was bad ass, and with my bad ass attitude we kinda stuck together.  But he proved to be a very bad influence, stealing liquor and other stuff… Good riddance!

Anyways, enough of living in the past!  That is the basic information that is relevant to this blog.

Now, forward to 2017/18:

My family moved from Scarborough, Ontario, to Port Moody, BC.

My oldest son ended grade four in Ontario.  He have a few friends in that school, and he had cousins and friends in the community!  He was well liked.  There could be as many as 4 or 5 kids in my house at any give moment!  And they stayed overnight constantly!

After we moved, the oldest boy enters grade 5, he has a lot of trouble making friends, he doesn’t seem to be getting along with anyone!  The younger boy does seem to have several friends he will stick with.  We have no cousins in the area, none we can meet regularly.  Only once did a friend stay overnight.

I really do not want history to repeat itself.  How can I support my son with CAPOS to develop new friends?

Let me hear your thoughts!

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