Hey everyone!

How are you doing? I hope you are all doing well!

Do you sometimes have out of town visitors come stay with you for a while?

I am sure you, and them, enjoy the change, the chance to catch up, the touring, and the fun!

We all know that visitors are of two types:

Model Visitors: People who help around the house, do the odd odd job, cleaning up after themselves.  They always leave your place in a better condition than it was when they arrived.

Hotel Visitors: People who treat your house like a hotel room, leaving messes, being noisy and nosy, leaving dirty towels and food scraps everywhere.

Oh, this blog is not about that!  Oops, went off topic!

Recently my family had some out of town visitors for 9 days.  They were a blast and had a blast time in Vancouver!  We were very happy to have them and want them to return!

Yet: Being DeafBlind, I have certain ways of doing things, things that my family is accustomed to, and know about.

My main beef, and the reason for this blog, is the Bathroom Door.

I bet that in many houses across the country and around the world, it is customary, a courtesy really, to close the bathroom door after a bowel movement that included a olfactory assault whereby all the house plants die and birds fall out of the sky.  In plain English, someone had a poop and stunk the place up!

Shit happens, to everyone!  Getting to my point…

With the door closed, I don’t know if anyone is inside or not.  I could knock on the door, but could I hear someone yelling “Occupied”?  No!  And, I refuse to peer, causally, inside to see if anyone is home.  Maybe the guests are stepping out of the shower?  Or maybe he or she is a closet narcissist, admiring themselves in the mirror for hours!

I don’t want to know!

could flick the light switch, then turn it off entirely.  But that could be more dangerous than not, especially with visitors who are not accustomed to doing things without the lights on.  There would be crashes, bangs, unnecessary nudity and blood!

The moral of this blog is: Leave the Door open after you’ve had a big dump!  No matter how band the smell is!

Starting a new ending to my blogs, I will start posing questions for my readers…

  •  What kind of things that visitors (those who stay a few days) do at your house, that you wish to, you know, strangle them for doing?

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