Short  blog, not much to report…

I just spent two hours switching everything from Google Chrome to Firefox.

Chrome is not compatible with Zoomtext 11.  Which I have and am never giving up!

Speaking of changes, there are some things in life are good to change:

  • Batteries in smoke alarms.
  • Dishwater after many dishes being washed.
  • Scenery, moving from one place to another.
  • Room layout.
  • Babies with full diapers.
  • Jobs if you can.
  • Mindsets if you want.
  • Cat boxes if you must.
  • Underwear, naturally.
  • Eating preferences (from omnivore to vegan then back…)
  • Pant sizes, up or down?
  • Careers are very changeable.
  • Hair colour (blonde to grey to white to gone…).
  • Channels on the TV.

Oh I could go on, but my lunch is waiting for me to make!

What are some things YOU would change if you could?

BTW, just to be clear, change the diaper, not the baby!

More blogs coming!

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