Case of the Missed Visuals

Yesterday, at a busy Skytrain (for those outside of Vancouver, that is same as Subway station) I yelled at a Cop!


It was a case of missed visuals!

The train arrived at the station, there was a train idling on the other tracks, which I was hurrying to get on.  I was already a bit late.

I had my Walker today.  I left the incoming Skytrain, walking diagonally to idling train.  Someone slowly walked in front of me towards a group of people.  This person walked so slow, I nearly hit him with my walker.  So I yelled “Move!” and he looked down at my walker and jumped out of the way.

I guess he didn’t see my walker, being so intent on observing the group of people.

As I passed, I spotted emblazoned on his back POLICE!  Oh shoot!  But truth be told, being low vision, it was not “emblazoned” as it would to the non-blind, but I saw it very blurry!

While sitting on the skytrain, I identified the group of people, four police were giving three “Fare Dodgers” tickets for riding transit without paying!

If that Cop hadn’t been intently focused on those thieves, he probably would have noticed my walker.

And, if I had seen the POLICE on his back, I probably would not have yelled “Move!”

Be more observant people!

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