What, did I miss that?

I, being DeafBlind, do miss a lot of things happening in my house and life.

Some things I miss because of my own dumb self-involvement (When I’m on level 1446 of Candy Crush, nothing else matters but helping Tiffi succeed!)  Other times I miss things because of lack of knowledge or awareness.

Such as: When my kids start arguing about something, I don’t know what it is.  I have to separate thing and find out.  As my kids are both hearing (not Deaf), they communicate with each other verbally.  So, can you guesss what I missed?  Right, I miss their bickering.  After separating them, and asking each boy what is happening, then I “cotton on”.

Another common situation happens when my wife is home and my boys (ages 11 and 6) are whining about something or another.  They do this whining for the benefit of my wife.  Well, benefit is not the right word, but you know what I mean.  Technology is a big whine, going to bed, or taking a bath is another whine.  Yet, and this is the point, when my wife is here, they whine, and it infuriates the wife naturally.  Yet, I don’t know what they are whining about.

I do remain alert and try to intervene and help.  I do!  Yet, it stresses my wife out more because she has to tell me what they are whining about… and remember she is already infuriated!

Such is the life of me.

We do try to approach the issues differently, but seems to be repeating.

What are your thoughts?

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