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Hi everyone!

I have been meaning to do this blog since I found four pictures of my two kids on my Samsung A5 phone.  I do take many pictures on my phone, sure, but these are excellent teaching tools

The first set of pictures is of my older boy.  One is blurry while the other is not.  I needed a picture of him for some reason I have forgotten why.  The blurry one was because he was being silly.  I asked him to sit still.

He is wearing a blue striped polo shirt, it is unbuttoned, laid back!  He is lounging on his TV chair, obviously watching TV.

The second set of pictures are, again, one blurry, one clear, of my younger son.  The blurry one I caught him unawares.  The clear one he was ready.

He is wearing a white striped polo shirt buttoned right up, all three.  Very business like, he does that to all his polo shirts.  He is working on an art project for Christmas 2017.

The point of this showcase of blurry and clear images, is to show you, demonstrate, what I see.  If someone is more than 3 feet from me, I cannot see their face, and it is overly blurry.  If more than 5 feet, your face tends to fuse into a pink, or whatever skin colour you are, blob with a clump of hair on your head, or a hat or ?

That makes it hard for me to see you clearly if you are across the room.  I could probably identify who you are by your body shape (or unshape) and posture.  You do realize most people sit or stand the same way.  So I will know it is you, but what are you talking about, using ASL, or if you are angry or sad or happy, is outside my vision window, unless I move closer to you.

My night vision has also deteriorated.  Recently I had an evening to myself and walked down Granville street at night.  I knew where I was, I spent many an evening or day on that street during the late 1990s.  It is interesting to see many shops that were there during that time are still there (Rock Store on Granville), with lots of new places and new restaurants.  Yet, my vision outside of the lighted area was decreased.  I could not see the people until they were in front of me, the poles, chairs, or bike racks, I could not see until I bumped into them.  It is that reason why I avoid parties, when the lights are low.  I’d walk into everything!

I hope this blog educates you on what I can and cannot see.  If so, share and like!






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