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Hello, just a quick post to explain my lack of posts, we recently moved into our new home!  It is a three floor townhouse with two bedrooms and a huge basement.  My family really like our new home.  It is taking a while to get things set up!  Which is typical of moving, right?!

Anyways, the other night my older son said something to me that made me stop for a second… He said “I wish Daddy could hear…”  My wife interpreted this.  It took me a second to grasp what he said: “I wish…”, I replied in ASL, my wife did help a bit, “I don’t wish I could hear, I am used to being deaf, I sign and so will you.”

Now, truth, I am happy that I cannot hear a lot of useless arguing, name calling and insults.  I think the most beautiful sound is the chirping I hear when my children are in the room, and when they are close to me.  That is all the I can distinguish, its like an untuned radio, if you know what that is raise your hand.  What they are saying, is beyond my ability, I can’t discern anything.

I am so used to being Deaf-Blind with severe ataxia, that if someone offered a magic pill to cure me and make me “normal”, I would take it and crush it.  I would not change anything about me.

Besides, what exactly is “normal” or “typical”?  What I do is my normal, what you do is your typical thing.  Everyone’s normal in their own spotlight.

What I would wish for is great physique with an incredible set of abs!  Oh that I could wish for!  Oh, I better get to the gym!

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