Washroom washout

Hello readers,

Facebook reminded me of an embarrassing incident that was very much not my fault.

It is about accessibility, vision disability and lack of proper signage.

As the story unfolds, I am rushing to the bathroom at a Scarborough Walmart, I consumed a rather large quanity of Tim Hortons coffee while shopping.

Upon arriving, I scurried over to the urinals, ambled up to first one by the sink, fumble with my fly, ooo I am going to burst!  I finally am free to pee, and let it whiz!  “Aah, mental note, don’t drink so much coffee!” is the thought going through my head.

About midway through this lengthy flow, I begin to feel my knees are getting wet… hmm… That is unusual.

I looked down at my legs and saw that I was peeing on the floor!  What?  My pants from the knee down were soaked…

Now why would that be happening, the urinal is perfectly fine when I arrived…

I then look more closely, well not that close but you get the picture, and what do I spy? A clear sheet of plastic covering the whole urinal!  Like, What?!  There was NO “Out of Order” sign or even an ubiquitous yellow floor marker!   Nothing to indicate that this urinal was clogged or unfinished or not working!  Nothing!

I was upset, and left the store!  I then went home.

I did want to complain, but, that brings up another issue for another blog.

Since that washout, I have been more observant, and have spotted clear plastic on other urinals in places like McDonalds.  Some put yellow caution tape on, some don’t bother.

Enjoy life…


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