Mornings with a Deaf-Blind Dad

Good morning!

Really, I feel that this topic is of no different than any other family.

I mean, who in their right mind wants to wake up in the middle of November and head to work or school, when it is crappily dark out all day!  Not to mention the rain!

But, all families with school-aged children must, should, struggle in the mornings to get their kids up, fed, clothed and out the door to enter the wonderful arena of scholastic enhancement, more commonly know as learning at school!

I am not sure why my mornings should be any different.

I wake my kids up around 7:15 to 7:25.  I give them their daily medicine first thing.  And, then tell them to get dressed.  Now, my children are both ADHD, the 10 minutes between taking their med to when it starts to work, they can be very bouncy and not listening at all.

I use both voice and sign with them.  I usually end up voicing more and signing less!  Getting them to watch me sign, in the morning at least, is very tough!  Both at the same time, for more than three seconds, is like winning the lottery!

I find that the best tactic is separation.

Some mornings I tell them to get dressed, but I find it easier to actually help them get dressed.  Today, I gave them the option of deciding which shirt to wear.

By 7:55 to 8, we should be dressed and on main floor.  Then I would whip up something to eat, which is usually not eaten anyways, but nibbled on, blame the medicine.  And, usually they would turn on the TV.

TV?  Yes, I let them watch some TV in the mornings.  It calms them down, lets them be distracted by cartoons.  They are not allowed technology in the mornings, no tablet or iPhone or games, even to watch YouTube.  I know they know this.  One boy actually told, it was overheard, the other: “You are not allowed iPad in morning”.  He did not tell me, but my mom heard and told me.  Then I took the device away.

While they are watching TV, I have about 12 minutes to get their lunch together, and pack their bags.

Today, I did something different that I will continue to do; after prepping lunch, I left it on the table, and then signed, individually, get your backpack ready.  So each kid put everything they need for the day themselves.  That will lead to more responsibility in the future!

By 8:25, I tell them, in sign and voice, TV off… Coat & shoes ON!  Sometimes it takes two tries get them motivated and out the door into the taxi.

So, by 8:30, I am kid-free for the next 6.5 hours!  Yippee!

Before, I would do a lot of hollering and motivating.  Sometimes I would punish them with “NO Technology for the rest of the day!” because of lack of listening and cooperation!  When they arrive home, I would sit down with them and sign you not listen this morning, how can improve?  We never have a long discussion.  I did give them lines before, sometimes that works, sometimes not!

I feel there is no difference as a Deaf-Blind dad or a hearing-sighted dad trying to get their kids out the door to school…

Is that common with the rest of you parents?  I am sure it is!



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