My role in life

Hi folks,

Everyone should come to a realization, a revelation, on what their role is in life.

And then they work on that project or goal.  Usually this happens in high school and then kids may go to university to focus on that particular goal.  And, maybe they are successful at that specific job or role, and continue on.  Or they may have a ‘midlife crisis” and say “…my skills are not required anymore, let me find something different.

My Dad, who reads my blogs, is a good example: He is a classically trained drafter, one who draws maps.  He worked for years at that trade, which used big rolls of paper, pencils, light tables, etc.  Painstakingly drawing elevations, lakes, rivers, deltas, and the like.  Then, more and more computer technology took over map making skills.  So Dad tried to keep afloat with other work, until he decided to go into Framing.  He had a nice frame shop, did not make a lot of fmoney.  Now he is retired, but still does an occasional frame or draft project.

For me, my revelation has been chugging slowing up a hill, and I am now sure what it is.

You see, I am Deaf-Blind with severe ataxia.  Why am I given these challenges?  Why me?  Why not someone else?  Well, as I see it, my low vision challenges me to be more observant and see things more closely.  My hearing is mostly gone to challenge me to also be more observant, respectful and more patient.  My ataxia is a pain in the butt challenge, especially when I fall on it!  Yet it challenges me to be, may I say it again, observant of those balance issues, tripping and falling!

Now, if only I could truly listen to those challenges!  Wink!

Yet, most important, my CAPOS challenges me to make sure that my son, who also has CAPOS, is not overlooked, is supported in all ways and always.

I know there is no pay in this type of work, so I turn to blogging.  And that is why I blog, to make sure that my challenges are not overlooked or forgotten.

I am doing the best I can with the things I have!

Enjoy Life, you only have one.



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