Double saying

Who out there, I know there must be a lot of you, who say or do things twice, or three times?

I am one of those people!  And it drives my wife batty sometimes.

I would say to my wife: “Someone really likes the product you are selling.”  Then, 15 minutes later, I’d say “Did you read on Facebook that someone is very interested in your product!?”  Same message, repeated!

Another example, when my wife and I are discussing creatively, in other words we are arguing, my wife often accuses me of “repeating” myself!

I notice also, I would sign to someone the same question or comment, even 5 minutes apart.

I would say: “Hello, How are you?” when I first bump into someone in the hallway, and then, ten minutes later, when sitting down, will ask them again: “How are you?”  Why do I ask that questions twice?  Well, I discovered the first question almost always gets a short “Fine” or “Good” response.  But, surprisingly, the second time I ask, the person gives a more detailed response that can cover a great more information than just “Good”.  Interesting!

I did some research online and found that people repeat themselves for a number of reasons:

  • To gather thoughts,
    • Janet would say to Jack twice about his excellent cooking skills, then adding he should cook for the Ropers.
  • To emphasis what one is talking about,
    • Mr. Roper would tell Jack, Janet and Chrissy the rent is due today, then by saying it again he emphasizes the point.
  • May feel point was not heard or seen or understood by others,
    • Maybe in a noisy mall, Jack would tell Larry about the stewardesses (old word, old sitcom) twice because of the noise.
  • Can’t remember saying something to someone, or to same person,
    • Maybe Jack told Janet that Mr. Furley is coming to dinner, but can’t remember telling Terri.  So Jack tells Janet again.
  • the person did not respond in the expected way,
    • Chrissy would tell an important point to Jack, but he would downplay its importance, so she would repeat herself.
  • also, from my own perspective, I may say things twice as I put things in the right order, the right process or steps.

I can tell you, with many people in my house, I often wonder if people see or hear what I am talking about.

My wife does watch me when I sign, but she is easily distracted by two talkative boys, and talkative mom/mom in law.

My boys do watch me when I sign, I need to gently remind them!

So, next time you meet me, and I say the same thing twice, I am not losing my marbles, I am either emphasizing my point, putting things in order, unsure if you understood me, emphasizing, or forgot I told you something!






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