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If you have school age children, you can see a different school system that when you went to school.

In my day, there was teachers everywhere, librarians, principals, secretaries and janitors.  Educational Assistants were not present.

When I was in grade 5, I had my first itinerary teacher for vision loss, and then in grade 8, I joined a Hard of Hearing classroom with one itinerary teacher.   Who, as it turned out, worked with all hard of hearing kids in the school district, not just the four in this classroom.  This teacher became a part of two schools while following the four kids from grade 8 to grade 12.

Over the past decade, Education Assistants have become more common.

I recall the teachers would be doing everything from teaching and classroom management to greeting parents and getting kids settled in, integrating, helping hard to reach kids (me being one), coaching, helping out at after school events and such.

How, it seems that some of these duties now fall to the EA, or in some areas, they are called Resource Teachers.  Today, we dropped out kids off at school, we were greeted by two or three EA’s, the principal, the librarian, but no teachers.

The teacher is focused on curricula insemination, if you want to get wordy, and that is a big deal with government policies and such.  They teach, but it is the EA who breaks it down further so the kids can cotton on.  It is the EA who thinks outside the box, the the teacher thinks of the box.

I find this interesting.

I find this situation very similar to that of a hospital: The Doctors are the ones doing the work: analyzing the aliment, providing treatment, prescribing drugs, and, well, doctoring.  But, it is the nurses who run the hospital, so to speak.  It is the nurse who sits with the patients, following up with the treatment, giving the medicine, and helping the patient adjust.  The doctor decides the course of action, the nurse runs the course.

In the same vein, the same could be said of restaurant work.  No matter how awesome and imaginative the chef is, who could be Gordon Ramsey or Cat Cora, or how informative and skilled at selling the servers are, the person who makes the restaurant a success is the Dishwasher.  Without clean dishes, how will a restaurant fare?  Probably badly!   If the finest filet mignon, smothered with rich gravy and a baked potatoe arrived at your table on a dirty plate with a clump of garbage stuck on your fork, would you pay? I am pretty sure the answer would be No!   I wish I had this insight when I was working as a dishwasher, quite a few bosses seemed to think the dishwasher is the lowest person on the totem pole.  Yeah!

Its the pecking order…. Educational Assistants run the schools, Nurses run the hospitals, and dishwashers run the restaurants!

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