Blogging from Sudbury!

Hello readers,

I’m sitting in a nice chair in a family members house in central Sudbury just staring into space.  Pow! Why not add a blog? Sure!

Being Deaf-Blind with Ataxia can be pretty frustrating and pretty funny too!

I am the only one who is disabled, my oldest son who inherited CAPOS is, right now, able to partake in the fine art of chatting. It’s me that has lost this ability due to my substantial hearing loss and vocal prowress.

Yet, being left out of blah blah exchanges bothers me not the slightest. I get the gist from observations, then may ask my wife for clarifications.

This will, probably be our last trip to Sudbury for a while. We are moving far west! Anyways, the Family had a BBQ last night. It was a fun affair, lots of laughs, beer and hugs!  And me being plied beer after beer, I could say no, but why?

Cousins were swapping ribald jokes, lots of sexual tones all night, and food! I was thrilled to see my Wife and Mom in Law have a tremendous time! It is their family we are leaving to move west!

My two boys were also having a splash with their young cousin. It made my heart very happy!

Me? I like to Laugh when others are laughing. I have no idea why I’m laughing, but that is my way to be “involved!”

Can you answer my question… What do people talk about at Family BBQs with beer involved?  This is something that has puzzled me forever!



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