do you ever get the feeling…

… that someone is taking advantage of you?

I’d like to know from you on this topic!

Yesterday night i went to see a movie, I had a free movie admission ticket, which was excellent to see Fate of the Furious in UltraAVX surround sound, superb sound quality for a Deaf-Blind guy like me.

And yet, I was a bit hungry, so I thought I’d get something to eat. A bag of popcorn, a drink and a snack should not cost $20.  Had I known this, I would not have purchased it!

A little backstory, I’m in line at the snackbar, I see option 1 has popcorn, a drink, plus snack, I can’t really see the price.  But i know its there; its probably wedged into the corner, much smaller than the picture of the three things.

The counter has no price list, nor is one offered, I didn’t ask.  I guess I show too much confidence.

I pay by ATM, saw the readout say $10, or something like that, the ones number was hard to see.

I watched the movie had it was very good, I enjoyed it!

Got home, checked my bank and was floored that the cost for the popcorn, drink and snack cost almost $20!  That is overpriced!

If there was a price menu on the counter, and I could see the prices, then I sould be more aware of what I was paying for.  I’m sure many people also have problems seeing the ubiquitous electronic bill boards.   I would have never paid $20!

Anyways, enough about me… what about you?  When was the last time someone took advantage of your disability, or yourself, they took advantage of you!




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