Hi everyone, I’ve been away for a while now and just returning to daily blogging!  Lets see how often I can “daily blog”!

I use a white cane to help get around for short walks.  For longer ones I will use my walker.

My white cane is a very convenient collaspable tool that is about 5 feet long with a black rubber grip at one end and a red tip at the other.  This end can have a “pencil tip”, for those who like to tap, a “marshmellow tip”, which rolls, for those who prefer to let the cane roll from side to side, and a “wheel” tip, for those who like to wheel it.  I use the marshmellow tip.  At the grip end, there is often an foot of elastic rope visible.  This rope makes the cane collapsable by keeping the parts together.

I’ve been thinking of some other uses of a white cane:

  • Obviously, a crutch
  • a sheepherder, but in this case the sheep are children
  • a pointer
  • a hat rack
  • a coat rack
  • a button pusher, especially good for cross walk signals
  • a door jammer, something to keep doors open with
  • I’ve used it to pick up coats, shoes, pants and other light things off the floor
  • a defence tool like a martial arts weapon
  • I’ve used it to kill a giant spider on the bottom side of a bus shelter.  How?  By pulling the elastic rope taunt and releasing it quickly.  Kapow!  Not pretty!
  • A comic gaffe, it can get in the way and cause moments of funny incidences
  • a giver of pain, flip side, in can get in the way and cause one to trip, fall, scrape knees or blacken an eye
  • I’ve used it as a back scratcher
  • I’ve used it, in my younger days when I used to smoke, to put out cigarettes
  • I’ve seen my Deaf-Blind friend walk four blocks with garbage impaled at the end of her white cane before she noticed it, I did try to tell her…
  • Another Deaf-Blind friend uses his cane as a link to his brother, who is also Deaf-Blind.  They walk single file, the lead has a guide dog, and the cane links them together.  Quite ingenious!

Those are my ideas.  What about you?  Give me some ideas!

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