Helpful people!

Ever notice that some people will give an arm and a leg to help people with disabilities?

And then some people overhelp, or don’t do anything!

Being DeafBlind I use a white cane on most days, or a walker on others (BTW, I gave up Wrecker, the power chair, it was not my time).  I rarely go anywhere without either.  Identity is important!

That being said, I get all kinds of help, the kind that I like most is when someone offers me a seat on the crowded bus or subway.  Sometimes I accept, sometimes not.

I also get a kick out of people yelling at me.  What are they saying?  I don’t have the slightest idea!  Maybe: “The stairs are there!” or “Sir! be careful of the train!” or “Your fly is down!” or “Did you want fries with that?”  My usual reply is just keep going the way i was going.  If they are persistent, I would usually gesture I’m Deaf and continue along.

The worse kind of helper are those who assume I need help, when I don’t.  Twice I’ve been “manhandled” by people who are concerned about my safety.  Once on a subway platform someone yanked me back from the train that was slowing down in the station, and I was two feet back.  I lamented about this on Facebook a few years back.  I was also helped get on a bus, the guy was very insistent, even through my wife and I were chatting outside the bus, this guy hauls me by my arms and steers me on the the bus!  I had to fight him off, but he still persisted, until I used a nasty expletive, loudly!  Sheesh!

That is overhelping!

Now, don’t get me wrong, people can help me, I welcome it.  But, here is the rule: if I ask for help, I need it, if I don’t ask, then I guess I don’t need help.

Do you agree??




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