What defines a rude person?

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Its been a while right?  I must commit to a more regular schedule!  Blogging could lead to some interesting outcomes!

Anyways, as you know, I am DeafBlind and use an intervenor for communication needs, an intervenor is someone who is skilled in ASL and can convey my signs to voice while speaking with a non-signer, and voice to sign.  This is not just interpreting, but also will guide and provide visual or auditory information that may be relevant.  Last disclaimer, intervenors work with a wide variety of DeafBlind individuals, whose vision and hearing differ greatly.

There, with that cumbersome definition out of the way, I can continue with my topic:

What makes a rude person?

For me, it is a person who doesn’t respect me.

Today, I was at a store to get accessibility aids, how this store is quite unique, and today, very busy.

While speaking with a sales rep in regards to a device I was interested to purchase, an other customer who had just arrived in the store, overrode my discussion with the sales rep and basically “kidnapped” him.  Was that rude?  Yes!  I was not finished my discussion and was left “hanging”.

Yet, to not discredit the intervenor’s abilities, the new customer (lets call her Cathy) jumped in so quickly that my intervenor (Susan) had no opportunity to tell me what Cathy was talking about.  If Susan had been able to tell me what Cathy was talking about, I would have had opportunity to be more assertive, indicating in a neutral way to “Please wait your turn. It is not my concern if you didn’t pay your parking and wanted a quick service.”  (Supposedly).

What do you think?  I am curious!

Please let me know “What makes a rude person” to you!


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