Deaf moment #27

Hi there readers!

How was your weekend?

In Canada, it was Victoria Day long weekend! And my birthday happened to fall on the Monday! It was pretty nice and really relaxing, and yes, I was spoiled!

Now, this Deaf Moment? What about that? Well, its really funny actually, and common in my house.

When we left the restaurant to journey home, my wife said to everyone in the car “Keep Craig outside… not let him in the house…” or something like that.

Then my wife and sons rushed into the house, and I was barricaded to a lawn chair in our front yard, barred from entering!

When I was finally emancipated from the claws of two seniors, I went up the ramp with trepidation; were my friends inside? Was dinner a rouse to get some people inside? Who came to my 55th birthday party? Was I going to be sparkle cannoned by my sparkle cannon loving kid? Oh my…

I put those thoughts aside, steeling myself for whatever lies beyond and swung my front door open with aplomb! I was expecting friendly faces waving and slapping my back or a face full of silly string, whipping cream or both!

Phew! Nothing of the sort happened!

Other than the table being covered with a festive birthday tablecloth and gifts were piled high on it… well, not high, but not thinly either! And a cake was ready…

I felt relieved, through I would have liked my friends to attend, at least I didn’t have to dry clean my tweed jacket!

The Deaf Moment, the numbers are always ambiguous, is all about my families lovingly habit of making plans for me, while I am still in the room! Being DeafBlind, and can’t hear a thing, nor can I see enough to read their speech…

And, please don’t get on the Audism bandwagon, this has been my home life since I got married! Every family is different, this is mine!

Thank you for reading, donating, liking, sharing, commenting…

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