How are all of your today?

I am okay, actually I am pretty good! Having finally set up an “office” and organized my house, so that I can actually use it!

And recently I’ve been busy constructing things; making shelves from an old dresser, dismantling old chairs for wood, made two sets of hooks for coats (one worked, the other…).

Here are pictures of the shelves:

All materials, except legs, are from the same dresser that fell apart!

And, not to forget, my wife and I finally put up a large shelf in the laundry room. This was a project that I could not do myself, because I could not see the level gauge, nor hear the stud finder, and my ataxia leads to a lot of dropped screws! The full Monty I guess.

Sidebar: it is prudent to avoid tapping the Stud Finder on one’s chest and loudly proclaiming ”Hot damn!”, or “This thing is not working!”. The joke is old, when granddad did it, that was funny. Now it is just passé, a poor attempt at male chauvinism. Let it go!

I also fixed up my power chair, hiding masks and bags in, and under, the seat, plus I secured a saddlebag to the armrest!

I’ve broken mask cords often, now I have spares! And, now, many stores now charge for bags, I am being proactive!

I love being creative and squirrelling away things for emergencies!

Then, why can’t I be creative on this blog? I can probably answer that straight away.

It is about accessibility: the WordPress app does not have (or I haven’t found them yet) larger icons or features. The bar at the bottom (you know what I am talking about) is incredibly small, and like you need to be very lucky, or an Apple Pencil, to select the choice you want.

Maybe it is time for WordPress to improve accessibility?

When I am blogging, I have my screen zoomed in, with typing focus. So that I am typing and the window moves along with the each word I type! I’ve supersized the screen at least 250%, easier on my eyes.

It is for that reason I do not overwhelm my blogs with pictures or videos. I want to enlighten without images!

Also, I need to find more readers and likes. I pour my heart and soul into these blogs, yet no one sees them, no one even clicks the “Like” button. My recent blog about missing gloves was so fun to write, yet, no one found it interesting, maybe it was like a story of an ice cube in a snowdrift?

More readers, more likes, more accessibility, more blogs.

Yet, I know I am not reaching everyone, and I need help to broaden my reader base, add donation widget and other technical things I have no understanding of. So, let me know if you can help!

Thank you for reading, liking, sharing and donating!

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