Do you..

If you have an appointment, interview or just going somewhere different, di try use your GPS in your car, on your phone or the one in your head?

while I cannot speak for every person who is Deaf-Blind, I can speak for most of us:

For me: if I go to a new place for an appointment, I like to arrive early, take accessible transit if I can. Arriving early allows me to get “lost” while learning the environment!

I have had appointments where I was very late, because I did not know whee I was supposed to be.

I do use google maps and apple maps, both with dread and malice. They are not Deaf-Blind friendly.

I have used the Wayfinder a total of one time: and actually found the vintage clothing store I was looking for. Since that success, I haven’t had the need to do it again.

Besides, the vintage store was closed, or is it closeted?

For persons who are DeafBlind, or low vision, do you use GPS on your phone, or iPad? Let me know! Any tips or strategies you’d care to share?

Thank you for reading and replying!

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