Tell me if you are Deaf without using Deaf\

Hi there everyone!

I’ve seen many Tell Me something without using that exact word… you know:

  • Tell me to Leave without using “Leave”
  • Tell me to do the dishes without actually asking.
  • Tell me you are gay without using gay.

The last two I made up on the spot…

My new favourite is:

Tell me you are Deaf without saying Deaf.

Well, I can answer that question! Yet it takes a bit of explaining; so stick with me please.

On Tuesday, September 28, it was recycling pickup day here at our housing complex.

I had it written in my wall calendar, but texted my mum to confirm.

Having been confirmed, I rushed to move the bin curb-side for pickup. This was at 8:25 AM.

I opened the lid, saw it was full, turned around and went back in the house to grab more recycling.

I was back within 5 minutes.

Imagine my shock when I lifted the lid and saw the bin EMPTY!

Mouth agape like the now empty blue bin, I scanned the area, looking for a big white garbage truck.

I saw none! Nor did I feel, smell or, obviously, hear this large truck! Which usually has flashing lights, vibrations and sometimes an odour.

So, that is a lengthy way to tell you I am Deaf without using Deaf!

Thank you for reading, liking, sharing, donating…

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