Today, July 28, 2021, I am proud, happy, a bit bored, but proud!

What am I strutting about?

Well… if you are a reader of my blogs, you know that I have CAPOS, and so does my son.

The last part of CAPOS is Sensoryneural Hearing Loss, which, eventually, lead to my current state of Deafness.

Sensoryneural hearing loss is progressive; when I was a kid in the 70s, I could hear pretty good, I could carry on a conversation, listen to music, find out the weather on the radio, even follow dialogue on TV…

I also had my first pair of hearing aids; boy did I hate them! They did nothing but add white noise, buzz and fuzz. They never worked for me.

Eventually I was allowed to go with the flow, and let my hearing deteriorate.

I gained a new language, ASL, new friends, respect, knowledge, a bachelors degree, and connections. Things that I struggled to gain during my later teen years when my hearing loss was getting worse, and my vision was also blah.

Nowadays, I miss a great deal of information, mostly auditory, because I can’t hear… and I might get frustrated and abusive at those points.

Getting back to why I am Proud; my son, CAPOS II, has been wearing hearinng aids for the past two weeks. On his first day, he came home, and immediately torn them out of his ears, plopping them on the counter and rushing away. I did the exact same thing!

However, within a day, he had them on, and, two weeks later, he likes them!

That is why I am proud! Because he is taking the steps to overcome a barrier that I was unable to tackle.

It is always better for our kids to do better at life than us parents; right? So, I am happy my son, with his 70s hairstyle, is using hearing aids, which are helping him socialize, gain friends, and learn. He is doing better than his 70s Dad, with no hair, who took ten years to get a BA, yet never had a job.

This sediment goes towards both my children.

I am proud of my other boy as well; he can sign really well and does his best to be respectful, learn and observe!

Thank you for reading, sharing, liking, donating (still working on that button…) and, well, enjoying my blogs!

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